Chance of winning the Singapore Lottery

Last Updated on 1 April 2023 by Nicholas Lim

You have an amazing chance of winning when you take part in The Singapore Lottery as this game offers a set number of tickets and a guaranteed jackpot every draw. Each draw has 300,000 tickets for sale that are offered at SGD50 each. Once all 300,000 entries are sold, the draw is held. SGD10,000,000 is the guaranteed jackpot prize that will go to one of the lucky Lottery ticket holders EVERY DRAW.

Each of the 300,000 ticket holders has an equal chance of winning the top prize. When compared to the odds of 1 in 116,531,800 to win a typical SGD Millions main prize, it is easy to see the Singapore Lottery competitive advantage. However, customers of The Lottery also have the ability to further improve their odds by upgrading to larger ticket packages.

Customers can raise the value of their buy, thereby elevating their chances of a jackpot win as well as their chances of laying their hands on one of the 1,110 subsidiary prizes. These prizes are:

  • 1000 x SGD50 Copper tickets for entry into the next draw
  • 100 x SGD500 cash prizes and 10 x SGD5000 cash prizes

Singapore Lottery Odds

The Lottery website indicates the playing odds to individuals as they click through the various playing ticket packages on offer. As individuals select different ticket options on the Singapore Lottery website, the odds of the new selection are instantly recalculated to constantly keep the player informed.

In addition to the Main Prize of SGD10,000,000 and the 1,110 subsidiary prizes. There are also up to five further prizes of SGD100,000 which are awarded through the Share The Wealth Network.

To lower the expense of playing the game while maintaining the same great odds advantage, The Lottery offers a state-of-the-art feature known as Ticket Share.

In other words, players can buy parts of a main ticket to keep costs down and if that ticket secures the jackpot, each ticket shareholder receives an equal share. This unique system divides tickets into tenths (shares) and makes each share independently available for sale to players from all over the world using the proprietary system. Each one tenth share of a main SGD50 ticket is worth SGD1,000,000 to a shareholder should the ticket be drawn as the winner.

The Lottery Jackpot

A player remains tagged to their referring affiliate for as long as they both continue as members of The Singapore Lottery. If any of the members that you introduce, down five levels, win the SGD10,000,000 jackpot. You will be paid a referral bonus of SGD100,000 whether or not you purchased a ticket yourself.

There are 5 levels of referral in the Share The Wealth Network and this has the potential to grow massively. Your efforts in member recruitment are rewarded by ever improving odds of securing a Share The Wealth prize for each and every new individual you introduce to the Lottery.

No longer do you have to play the traditional lottery games that offer ridiculously poor lottery odds. If you are looking for the best lotto odds from around the world well look no further as Lottery is the worldwide lotto odds beater.

Register with the Singapore Lottery at this time and you will be partaking in a lotto game with the best odds of winning across the globe!