Video Poker

Last Updated on 23 June 2017 by Nicholas Lim

Video Poker in SingaporeVideo Poker is similar to conventional poker with the biggest difference being that Online Video Poker is played solely against the dealer. Although a basic understanding of the rules of poker is required, much of the Video Poker game is automated to allow players the opportunity to hone their poker skills while enjoying some friendly competition.

That is probably the reason why this game is very popular with Singaporean online casino players.


Video Poker is easy to play and become skilled at, offering players a real opportunity to make strategy-based decisions in order to influence the outcome of each hand. At the beginning of each Video Poker game, the software will automatically deal 5 random cards to the player. The player may choose to keep the cards, or replace less desirable ones with new cards. The final hand is then compared to the pay table in order to determine whether the hand matches any of the winning combinations.

You can choose from a  selection of online Video Poker game types:


Standard Video Poker is played solely against the dealer and is, perhaps, the most uncomplicated form of Online Video Poker available. The basic premise of Standard game is to make use of the available cards to complete the best possible winning combination. Like conventional poker, a basic understanding of the rules of poker is required, particularly when deciding which cards to keep and which to replace.


Level-Up Video Poker is similar to Standard game but on a higher level of intensity. In Level-Up Video Poker, the player has the opportunity to Level-Up after each successive win. Each round is played the same way as Standard game, but with the added benefit of reaching the next level for a chance to take advantage of a multiplier.


Power Poker is an Online Video Poker variant that will particularly excite seasoned players who are looking to break away from the norm. A typical game consists of up to 4 hands at once, but may easily go up to 10, 20, 50 or even 100 hands depending on the particular variant. Each round is played the same way as Standard game, allowing the player to maximize their output.