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100% up to SGD800 Welcome Bonus
  • Weekly rescues bonus up to SGD 13,650
  • 20% daily midnight bonus
  • Birthday bonus up to SGD 3,365

Wclub365 is the largest online casino platform in Singapore, with operation covering countries across Asia, the casino ensure no customer is being left behind, especially Singaporean friends! Wclub 365 strive to provide the best player experience with the targeted shortest time frame required for deposit and withdrawal. At the same time, the customer service team are formed with a group of experienced professionals serving online casino players across multiple countries for decades.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonus for Wclub365 is designated for Singapore market at competitive and attractive plan whereby 100% welcome bonus is offered for Sportsbook, Slot and Live Casino with maximum bonus amounting to SGD 365 for Sportsbook and Slot while maximum SGD 300 for Live Casino Games (excluding poker). While the turnover requirement for each of the game type required is 15, 12 and 25 times respectively.

Best Casino Games

The following are the top 3 popular games, most played on Wclub365:

#1 Lightning Baccarat by Evolution Casino

Baccarat is among the most played games by member in Singapore. Now with the added lightning cards that give extra multipliers it makes the game even more attractive. Lightning cards that are drawn virtually before the game, show the respective multiplier if it is drawn physically on the winning hands of the current round. Hence, the thrilling sensation increases as the time the cards are drawn to player and banker hand one by one, with the presence of multiplier card, the winnings could get multiplied, if a natural win occurred with 2 multiplier cards having 8X, the winnings is then multiplied by 64 times which is a tremendous amount of winnings! Claim your bonus and experience the rise of adrenaline and fast heartbeat game of lightning baccarat now!

#2 Tai Ga 88 By NextSpin

Tai Ga 88 is a relatively easy slot game in which there is only 1 row with 5 reels and any 3 similar symbols generated will provide winning to members, in times of the Tai Ga WILD symbols it can be use as substitute for any other symbol. As only 3 similar symbols are needed for winning, along with WILD symbols, it is said that slot winning has never been this easy. Besides that, at the time the Tai Ga WILD symbol is drawn, it will trigger the multiplier wheel spin, in which the multiplier can go as high as 88 times! Many members have gained substantial winnings from Tai Ga 88 countless times, try it out yourself now!

#3 Age of gods by Playtech

Age of gods slot offers interesting gameplay for example in Mighty Midas, symbols which pointed by the Hand of Midas turns into Wild card this increases players winning exponentially. Whereas in Medusa and Monster, whenever player got the medusa symbols, it will expand to the whole reels as a wild card, this is a great benefit to players playing more lines as this wild card has got more and more lines connected and maximizes the player winnings! Therefore, many players have walked away with these two games.

Sports Betting

The top choices of sports betting provider are being offered in Wclub365 namely CMD368 and M8 to ensure best betting odds for Singapore members. These various choices of sportsbook allow members to monitor and compare live odds provided in real time, hence, helps to place their bet on the best odd of their favorite games! Members also get to stream on the live tournament from the beginning to end, from soccer to basketball, tennis, cricket, volleyball, badminton, muay Thai and many more. Live streaming of tournament schedule is available on sportsbook section. Members of Wclub365 are updated of the tournament progress all the time.

Fish Game

Fishing game selection are available to members with JILI and Spadegaming, with the intense graphic and creative theme, members can now enjoy extra ordinary fish games such as Zombies party and alien hunter. Other than these new trends of fish games, traditional style fish games are also made available on Wclub365.


The inclusion of E-sports on Wclub365.com ensure members to never miss out any exciting tournament of the highly anticipated E-sports industry. From Asia favorite LOL league, Dota2, CS: GO, PUBG, MOL to western hits of Valorant, KOG, Fortnite were all made available to Singapore members. Align with the continuous growing of E-Sports industry. The brand is committed to grow linearly with more and more inclusion of E-sports betting options and bonuses.


Other than ordinary games, Poker were also included for casino enthusiast, be it you are a beginner or amateur player in this game, various rooms with different entry and bet amount were set to satisfy all members across Asia especially its beloved Singapore friends. Members can now access JILI poker online through Wclub365 at the ease of their fingertip.

Live Casino

Wclub365 offers numerous trending live casino games selection for you to choose from such as: Sexy Baccarat, SA Gaming, Evolution Gaming and Dream Gaming. All these were the worldwide popular live casino provider, some with interesting features such as live streaming where you could chat with the streamer regarding your bet or request to entertain while you were playing. You can now enjoy all these gaming experiences and change of tables or casinos at your own will without any physical restriction.

Mobile casino

Wclub365 the brand which services across Asian countries know the importance of customers’ needs and mobile casino is one of it! Hence, the casino have put in countless effort to optimizes different screen layouts and dimensions to suits different needs from members using all variants of mobile devices from iphone, ipad to android devices regardless of ordinary view dimension or flip / fold types of devices. Besides that, Wclub365 does have its very own app to ensure the best visual experience for all members. Customer satisfaction and enjoyment were the number 1 priority; thus, continuous optimization efforts are guaranteed along the way with the non-stop technological advancement today.

Promotion and Loyalty

Singapore members can now enjoy various exclusive promotions and bonuses from Wclub365 designated to cater all needs and increases the members advantage over the game.

Midnight bonus

Midnight bonus is being offered to benefit members whose mostly active at midnight hours, with this benefits member can now gain 20% additional bonus on each of their top ups at midnight 00:00 to 05:59 (GMT+8) daily. 20% bonus were applicable to Sportsbook, Slot and Live casino games with maximum bonus amounting to SGD 365 and turnover requirement of 15, 15 and 25 times respectively. This bonus is offered to all existing Wclub365 members with a minimum deposit of SGD 100 and above.

Birthday bonus

Birthday bonus is an additional bonus being offered to all loyal customer in celebration of his / her special day! Wclub365 never miss out the important day that marks the appearance of the loyal customers and the bonding in between. This bonus is offered according to the latest 90 days deposit count, with frequency 5,10 and 15 were eligible for bonuses of SGD 36, 65 and 165 respectively. All turnover requirements for this bonus were linear at 1 time only. The special loyal customers with ranking tier higher than normal will have their very own exclusive promotion bonus under this section.


Rebate for all Wclub365 members were different according to its own member group. However, for members under “Normal” group, he / she will be entitled for 0.5% rebate for Slot & Sportsbook while 0.4% rebate for Live Casino automatically for every hour played. Minimum payout is capped at 1 SGD while maximum payout is unlimited! For members with their ranking tier higher than normal are eligible to enjoy higher rebate according to their premium tier achieved.

Rescue Bonus

Rescue Bonus is applicable to all games on Wclub365, this bonus is granted for accumulated losses on weekly basis starting at 00:00:01am (GMT+8) as follows:

Weekly Accumulated Losses (SGD) Bonus Amount (SGD) Turnover
1,000 to 2,499.99 35 5 X
2,500 to 4,999.99 65
5,000 to 7,499.99 135
7,500 to 9,999.99 265

However, this promotional bonus is applicable to be claimed maximum once (1) per week.

List of Wclub365 casino promotions

VIP Program

Wclub365 appreciates all members for their trust in the brand. Thus, the brand have its very own exclusive VIP program for all valued members. Members can attain the higher tier upon fulfilling the requirement .Or through customer service verification upon the VIP transfer program. Starting out as a normal group of members, It has 4 additional grouping tiers namely Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Each of the group with different requirements and benefits as follows:

Benefits Normal Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Upgrade Gift Apple Watch Gold Bar Iphone Rolex Watch
Monthly Recharge 20,000 60,000 100,000 By Invitation
Rebate: Sportsbook 0.5% 0.6% 0.7% 0.8% 1%
Rebate: Live Casino 0.4% 0.5% 0.6% 0.7% 0.9%
Rebate: Slot 0.5% 0.6% 0.7% 0.8% 1%
VIP Special Bonus 135 235 365 Mystery Gift
Birthday Bonus 365 565 865 3,365
Daily Withdrawal Limit 30,000 50,000 70,000 80,000 100,000
Withdrawal Frequency 5 6 6 7 Unlimited
VIP Special Promotion + + + +
VIP Customer Promotion + + + +
Festival Gift + + + +

*Terms and conditions applies, for further information please visit wclub365sgd.com website.


For the ease of the valued customer, deposits can be made through payment gateways and banking accounts. The supported payment gateway for Wclub365 includes: Fastpay, Trupay and Surepay it is among the famous and widely use payment gateway in Singapore.

On the other hand, the online casino do provide deposits and withdrawal through UOB and DBS accounts, members could perform the deposit action through online bank transfer, cash deposits at bank kiosk or transfer through the ATM machine.

Standard withdrawal will be done within 15 minutes from the application time through the banking account provided by members in their profile.

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Wclub365 appreciates all members for their trust in the brand, thus, it has its very own exclusive VIP program for all valued members. Members can attain the higher tier upon fulfilling the requirement .Or through customer service verification upon the VIP transfer program.