Sexy Baccarat

Last Updated on 18 May 2021 by Nicholas Lim

Sexy BaccaratCalling all Baccarat lovers around the world. If that’s you then keep reading. In spite of the fact that there are numerous online casinos providing live dealer games most are centered around replicating the standard land-based casino experience. Basically, they are trying to reproduce the same look and feel as when you head to a typical land-based casino. Everyone wearing the same uniforms and looking identical to one another. For those individuals who are searching for a more grown-up experience then Sexy Baccarat online casino may very well be your new fav online casino. Sexy Baccarat brings together live dealer games with beautiful live dealers wearing revealing clothes. If you’re looking to get your gamble on while playing with sexy dealers then Sexy Baccarat might perfect for you.


Sexy Baccarat is the leader in online casinos offering a different and sexy live dealer experience across Asia. The casino is based out of Thailand where their live studios are currently located. The site has been offering players a wide selection of casino-based games like SicBo, Roulette, Baccarat and Dragon Tiger. All games that are immensely popular across Asia in nations like Singapore, Thailand, Japan and many more. What makes these games stand apart is that you can make the most of your betting experience playing with beautiful ladies wearing swimsuits or sexy underwear. Sexy Baccarat streams their games in 4K and HD quality so you can appreciate the view with complete and clear flawlessness. The company’s current focus is to keep adding new games and more sexy women in the year to come.

Why Sexy Baccarat is popular across Asia?

It comes as no surprise that gambling and betting has been very popular across Asia for hundreds of years. Skilled based games and games of chance have been around in Asia for centuries. In places like Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore and that’s just the beginning. While players across Asia have no lack of online casinos to play at Sexy Baccarat appeals to those searching for a more grown-up experience. The site offers all the most mainstream casino table games in Asia like Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic-Bo, Dragon Tiger and more. Besides the huge selection of games available the real appeal is the large selection of lovely ladies to play with. Each game has various tables you can join with their own sexy live dealer. There is no denying the beautiful dealers have helped make Sexy Baccarat incredibly popular over the years.

Where to play Sexy Baccarat?

The app for Sexy Baccarat can be downloaded straight from their website. After installing the app and opening your account you’ll have the option to start playing and appreciate the excellent choice of lovely ladies. Recently Sexy Baccarat partnered with companies like Spade Gaming, Pocket Games Soft, Red Tiger and SA Gaming to deliver their games to a larger audience around the world.

Casinos offering Sexy Baccarat games:

Sexy Baccarat’s most popular games

Despite the fact that the site’s name would suggest otherwise Sexy Baccarat offers a diverse choice of games players can appreciate other than Baccarat. Aside from live dealer Baccarat players can dive into live dealer games like Sic-Bo, live dealer Dragon Tiger, slots and many more popular casino games. Keep reading as we discuss some of our favs.

Live Baccarat

Like the name says the game is all about playing live dealer Baccarat with beautiful dealers. These sexy dealers are wearing sexy swimwear or undergarments which unquestionably help players enjoy their gambling experience. Pick from any numerous tables each with its own sexy dealer. Just try and make sure you don’t completely loose focus while playing. Sexy Baccarat also includes state of the art features and loads of side betting options. The games are available in 4K HD quality ensuring you appreciate the sights in all their glory. Sexy Baccarat live dealer Baccarat is also available on tablets, cell phones and laptops.

Live Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is incredibly well known and popular across Asia in spite of how basic the game’s rules are. In Dragon Tiger 2 cards are played one to the dragon and the other to the tiger. The player then needs put down a bet on whether they think the dragon will win or the tiger will win. They can also choose to bet on a tie which offers a bigger payout. By adding sexy dealers to the mix Sexy Baccarat takes the game of Dragon Tiger to another level. Dragon Tiger also gives players the option to place side bets which can greatly increase their winnings. The game can be enjoyed on cell phones, tablets, and PCs. Best of all Dragon Tiger is available in 4K HD quality. In addition, there are numerous tables you can join each with it’s own sexy live dealer.


Following years of offering players great games with beautiful live dealers Sexy Baccarat shows no signs of slowing down. With tons of new games on the way and a recent upgrade to their current facilities the future is looking sexy. The organization is currently focused on delivering  grown-up themed fun with HD quality video and high def sound. Moving forward Sexy Baccarat plans to add more sexy dealers and more tables to give players even more options. With so much going for them Sexy Baccarat is ready to have another solid year across Asia and the rest of the world. We can’t wait to see what they have planned for 2021 and beyond. Stay tuned for all the latest news and updates on Sexy Baccarat.