What is the most popular live casino platform in Singapore?

Last Updated on 11 June 2023 by Nicholas Lim

What is the most popular live casino platform in Singapore?If you’re on the hunt for the thrilling rush of a live casino experience without leaving your couch in Singapore, then you’re probably play at Evolution Gaming. 78% of Singaporean live casino players, play on Evolution Gaming platform. We’re about to take a deep dive into 2024 statistic of the live casino platforms available in Singapore. So, grab a cup of your favourite drink and get ready for a virtual tour.

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2024 Live Casino Stats Highlights

  • There are currently over 80 casino brands offering live casinos games in Singapore.
  • The most popular live casino game in Singapore is Baccarat.
  • Average monthly revenue for a live casino in Singapore is $10 million.
  • The most popular live casino software providers in Singapore is Evolution Gaming.
  • 61% play live casino on their mobile phone.
  • Welcome bonus is the most popular live casino promotions in Singapore.

The live casino industry in Singapore is growing rapidly and it is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. This is due to a number of factors, including: the increasing popularity of online gambling, the growing number of high-quality live casino games and the increasing availability of live casino platforms.

Regulation Current Affair

If you are looking for a safe and secure place to play live casino games, Singapore is a great option. The government of Singapore regulates the live casino industry very strictly and all live casinos must be licensed by the Singapore Gaming Authority. This ensures that all players are treated fairly and that all games are fair and random.

If you are new to live casino gaming, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, it is important to choose a reputable live casino. There are a number of reputable live casinos operating in Singapore, so you should be able to find one that meets your needs. Second, it is important to set a budget before you start playing. This will help you to avoid overspending. Third, it is important to play responsibly. Gambling should be fun and it is important to know when to walk away.

If you follow these tips, you can have a safe and enjoyable experience playing live casino games in Singapore.

Live Casino Gaming in Singapore: An Overview

Popularity and Legal Framework

Singapore, renowned for its bustling cityscape and vibrant nightlife, also harbours a significant population of gaming enthusiasts. Despite the strict gambling laws in the country, the popularity of live online casinos has seen a massive spike in recent years. With the advent of superior technology and the ever-expanding reach of the internet, players can interact with real-life dealers in real-time, getting a taste of the adrenaline-pumping action of a physical casino right in their living rooms.

Online gaming platforms have skillfully navigated around the rigorous gambling regulations, providing a legal and convenient alternative for those wishing to indulge in a bit of risk and reward. The growing fondness for live casino gaming in Singapore can be attributed to these platforms’ ability to deliver a realistic and engaging gaming experience.

Live Casino Singapore Stats

A Look at the Top Live Casino Platforms in Singapore

Evolution Gaming

Games and User Experience

Let’s kick off with Evolution Gaming, the titan of the live dealer gaming world. This platform is renowned worldwide for its vast portfolio of high-quality games. Traditional table games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat are just the tip of the iceberg. Evolution Gaming goes above and beyond to provide a comprehensive and varied gaming experience. Their catalogue brims with unique game shows, innovative board game adaptations and bespoke games tailored to meet the evolving needs of the players.

Not only does Evolution Gaming impress with its plethora of game options, but it also hits the mark when it comes to user experience. With cutting-edge software, seamless streaming quality and professional, friendly dealers, Evolution Gaming ensures an immersive and interactive gaming journey. Whether you’re a novice dipping your toes in live gaming or a seasoned player looking for high-stakes action, Evolution Gaming has something to satisfy your gaming appetite.

Fairness and Security

With such an impressive gaming environment, you might wonder if Evolution Gaming can match up when it comes to fairness and security. Well, rest assured! Evolution Gaming is a trusted name in the industry, licensed and regulated by several reputable bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

What’s more, Evolution Gaming uses RNG (Random Number Generator) systems for all its games. These systems ensure that every round of play is completely random and fair, removing the possibility of manipulation. Along with this, they incorporate robust SSL encryption to secure users’ data. This level of security and commitment to fairness makes Evolution Gaming a safe and trustworthy choice for players.

Sexy Baccarat

Games and User Experience

As the intriguing name suggests, Sexy Baccarat is a platform that specializes in Baccarat. It’s no secret that Baccarat is a highly favored game among Asian players. Drawing on this preference, Sexy Baccarat offers a gaming experience that marries the traditional elements of Baccarat with engaging, interactive elements.

The platform stands out with its exceptional streaming quality, a team of engaging dealers and an inviting gaming environment that can make players feel as if they’re sitting at a Baccarat table in a plush Vegas casino. While focusing on Baccarat, Sexy Baccarat also offers a range of other popular casino games, ensuring a balanced mix for all types of players.

Fairness and Security

The allure of Sexy Baccarat extends beyond its gaming offerings. Like any reputable live casino platform, Sexy Baccarat takes the fairness and security of its platform seriously. It operates under the laws of Costa Rica and uses advanced technology to ensure data safety and game integrity.

Dream Gaming

Games and User Experience

Enter Dream Gaming, a platform known for its top-notch streaming, broad range of games and excellent player support. With its extensive games catalogue encompassing Poker, Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger and more, Dream Gaming has made its mark in the online live casino arena.

It offers an intuitive user interface, easy navigation and an interactive gaming experience that can enthrall both newcomers and veterans. The professional and courteous dealers, along with the superior streaming quality, enhance the live gaming experience, making each game a memorable event.

Fairness and Security

But what about the all-important aspects of fairness and security? Well, Dream Gaming has got that covered too. It operates under a gaming license issued by PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation), which is a testament to its commitment to providing a safe and fair gaming environment. Dream Gaming incorporates advanced encryption methods to secure players’ data, keeping any potential cyber threats at bay.

SA Gaming

Games and User Experience

Lastly, we have SA Gaming, a platform that has carved its niche by offering an array of games designed to cater to different player preferences. From traditional casino games like: Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat to Asian-themed games, the variety at SA Gaming is hard to beat.

What sets SA Gaming apart is its commitment to quality. The high-definition graphics, coupled with smooth and uninterrupted streaming, make for an engaging gaming experience. The platform’s user-friendly interface and attention to detail make navigating through the various game options a breeze, further enhancing the player’s journey.

Fairness and Security

SA Gaming is a trustworthy platform, holding a license from PAGCOR. It adheres to stringent fairness and security standards, which are integral to building trust with players. SA Gaming ensures the protection of player data and transactions with SSL encryption, providing a secure environment for players to enjoy their favorite games without any worries.

How to Choose the Right Live Casino Platform

Deciding on the right live casino platform isn’t just about the number of games on offer. Several crucial factors come into play. First and foremost is the issue of security. Always ensure the platform is licensed and regulated by a recognized authority. Check out player reviews and look out for any red flags.

The fairness of games is another crucial aspect. Look for platforms that use RNG systems, ensuring that each game outcome is completely random and unmanipulated. The overall user experience, including the quality of streaming, professionalism of dealers and the responsiveness of customer support, is also key.

Lastly, consider the reputation of the provider. Established platforms with a proven track record of reliability and excellence can offer a more secure and enjoyable gaming experience.


So, there we have it. From the comprehensive gaming experience of Evolution Gaming to the specialized focus of Sexy Baccarat, each live casino platform in Singapore offers a unique gaming environment. The choice ultimately boils down to your personal gaming preferences and what aspects you prioritize in your online gaming journey. But no matter which platform you choose, the thrill of live casino gaming is just a click away.