Activities and Attractions in Singapore

Last Updated on 17 January 2017 by Nicholas Lim

Singapore activityPlenty to do at Singapore

For being the size that Singapore is you can find plenty to do each week. While there are only a handful of theme parks to visit you will find various activities going on that you can take part in. With the different activities clubs setting up outings in different locations around the island it give people to make new friends. In many of the Housing Blocks you can find people playing badminton or taking self-defense classes. If you fancy to play online casino games, Singapore has a loot to offer.

The Line Dancing clubs often set up get-togethers in the shopping centers and mall areas on Friday or Saturdays night.

Shopping in Singapore

If shopping is how you pass your time, well there are plenty of places to spend your cash.
Sentosa Island is the place to hit on the weekends after a hard week at work. With it being east to get to it offers good restaurants, Beach Bars and Theme Parks, Sentosa has something for everyone’s taste.

Singapore is one of those places where you need to get out and find what is going in your area. There are several government web site which list activities, the community centers in the neighborhoods have monthly listings, on the radio events are mentioned all the time. So for the visitor finding the information is fairly thanks to the tourism board and their efforts to attract people / visitors to the various events.

Tour groups are another opinion for the bigger tourist site but if you are going to be in country on your own for business or pleasure these tours may be not be available when you have free time.

If you ride motorcycles or bicycles you will find meeting and events / rides they have planned. One thing I have noticed about Singapore is the number of people riding high-end bicycles on the weekend, when I say high-end I am talking about bikes costing upwards of S$5000, nice bikes. And yes there is a Harley motorcycle group here also, you can find them hanging out at the Handles pub I believe it is on weekends.

So get out, find what you like, make some new friends and have a great time in Singapore.