SIc Bo Tips

Last Updated on 19 August 2016 by Nicholas Lim

Sic Bo tips
Sic bo is an exciting casino game. It is not as popular as some other games like craps and roulette, but it still presents a great challenge to the Singaporean gambler. Smart players need to develop strategies and tactics to increase their chances of winning the game. Here are some of the best sic bo tips helping gamblers to make some extra money without having to risk their whole bankrolls in the process.

Know Your Bets

Sic bo is not a complex game to play. The only confusion stems from the different bets available to players. A sic bo table is packed with betting options like any craps and roulette game. Players can wager multiple bets and just throw their chips around, but there is more success available from actually knowing the ins and outs of the various bets.

As well as being able to understand the pros and cons of each bet, it is critical to take note of the house advantage. Some of the more exotic and risky bets might seem enjoyable, but they are not going to win any money. Triples, to give an example, can have a maximum house advantage of 18%, which is not great.

Variety in Your Betting

Like any good betting portfolio, variety is important to winning. The best wagers are obviously the small and big bets in sic bo. Betting on these outcomes might lead to a small profit eventually, but in the long-term, it is going to become boring and monotonous. It sucks the fun out of the experience and actually encourages people to risk more money when they eventually snap. Whilst it is best to play conservatively, vary the play with the odd risky bet.

Play for Free

Sic bo is an exciting game to play. Get it wrong and the player stands to lose a lot of money, though. Try to avoid just jumping into the action on nothing but a half-baked strategy. Test everything using the free version of the game. The majority of online casinos feature some form of facility where gamblers can play using virtual credits.

If the casino does not have this sort of facility, do not be afraid to go elsewhere to find a free version of the game. There are many free online browser sic bo games which can stand in as a substitute in the meantime.

Develop a game plan before risking any real cash!

Choose the Right Casino

Sic bo is a classic casino game. It is not a game that remains the same regardless of the casino, however. Players must take into account the different tables that appear based on where the player decides to play. Whilst a three of a kind in one Singaporean casino might offer pay rates of 180 to 1 another could only offer 160 to 1. It is always wise to do the right amount of research and keep updated on which casino offers the best payoffs. The difference in the odds can sometimes mean the difference between winning and not winning thousands.

Upswings and Downturns

No matter how good a player turns out to be, there is nobody skilled enough to successfully counter the upswings and downturns of casino play. Eventually every player hits a bad patch where they wonder whether they are going to win another big game. It is important to not get disheartened. Ignore the impact of these swings and roundabouts. Simply keep playing the same winning strategy. Professional gamblers make their livings by winning over an extended period of time not in a matter of hours.