What are the Best Devices for Mobile Casino in Singapore?

Last Updated on 12 February 2023 by Nicholas Lim

Casino devicesIf you’re a fan of casino gaming in Singapore, you should experiment with the use of mobile casinos on your phone or tablet. Once the mobile casino software is downloaded, you play casino games in real time and can win real cash while having a great time. Common casino games on mobile applications include Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, roulette, black jack, bingo, slots games and dice games. Before you can play on a mobile casino, you need a phone that supports the application. On the registration pages of a mobile casino provider, you’ll likely find a directory of supported phones and devices.


One of the best outlets for Singaporean casino players is through a tablet device. The benefit of a tablet for playing mobile casino games is the large screen you’ll be able to use to view the graphics for each casino game. Tablets can have screens over nine inches which makes viewing and handling the controls for each game a cinch. The casino games may be controlled by either pressing the touchscreen with your fingertips or using the virtual keyboard that appears on screen. Since tablets are a newer entry to the market, the sound and picture quality are likely to be better than most mobile devices.

Ideal tablet devices for mobile casinos include the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry Playbook, Motorola Xoom and Asus Eee Pad. The Apple iPad is especially ideal for players who are unable to get online to participate in casino games. The iPad does not support Flash which makes game play impossible through many online casinos if you attempt to access them through the tablet’s web browser. Since mobile casinos are downloaded and don’t require Flash, this eliminates the compatibility problem. Moreover, the Apple iPhone is another good choice due to this reason. Although the screen is smaller than the iPad, the amazing resolution and touchscreen platform provided through the Mac operating system makes it a great choice for mobile gamblers.

Android Phones

Smart phones and tablets with Android based operating systems will support the specifications required by mobile casinos. Although you can’t download real money casino applications from the Android Market, you can still access them by downloading the application directly from the casino operator’s website. Android smart phones and tablets work well with casinos that have a touch based interface. Instead of having to use the keypad, you simply touch the screen of your device to make wagers, deposits and withdrawal requests. The Android device you select should be Java enabled. Most mobile casinos in Singapore run on the Java (J2ME) platform. Top phones with the Android operating system that you can use to play on mobile casinos include theHTCEVO, Motorola Photon, LG G2X, Motorola Droid X, Sony Ericcson Xperia andHTCInspire.

Windows Mobile Phones

Phones with Windows Mobile installed have fewer limitations when playing mobile casino games than other devices. Like the smartphones and tablets available through Apple and Android based phones, Windows Mobile is found on devices with the capability to download applications while using a touch interface to send commands. The optimized speed of Windows Mobile devices will ensure you don’t experience disruptions in service when playing your favorite casino games. When playing a mobile casino application on a Windows Mobile device, you will not lose your place if you receive a call or text. You can take the call and then return to the application to resume your game. If the wager has ended during your time away, the mobile casino will notify you of the betting results. Optimal devices with Windows 7 Mobile installed for mobile casino games include the Dell Venue Pro,HTCTitan, Nokia Lumia, Samsung Focus,HTCArrive andHTCRadar.

Blackberry OS Devices

Before the popularity of Android and Mac based operating systems on mobile devices, many mobile casino players relied on the ease of using Blackberry devices for game play. What makes Blackberry devices standout in the mobile casino community is they have a significantly larger screen than traditional cell phones. Devices with a Blackberry operating system have an extremely fast processing speed which can prevent losing connectivity during game play or having the mobile casino application suddenly suffer a force close. Since Blackberry devices have been around for years and years, most mobile casinos have enabled their applications to operate on the platform. A few Blackberry devices to consider when you want to spend some time gambling on a mobile platform are RIM Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Torch, Blackberry Curve and Blackberry Storm.

Additional Devices

If you don’t have a smart phone or tablet with an Android, Windows, Blackberry or Mac operating system, you can still play on hundreds of mobile casinos. For instance, phones with the Symbian operating system will work with the majority of mobile casino applications. Symbian is found on many unlocked smart phones and allows users to access touch screen compatible games found on mobile casinos. Many Nokia phones typically contain the Symbian operating system. A sampling of the best devices for mobile gaming with the platform is the Nokia C5-03, Nokia E5-00, Nokia Astound, Panasonic X700 and Sony Ericcson Satio. Regular cell phones with internet capabilities can also be used to play mobile casino games. Examples include the LG U8110, LG KE970, Motorola Razr, Motorola RokrE2 and Sony Ericcson K610i.

As long as you check compatibility of your phone for the mobile casino, you should not run into a problem during game play. If you find the application is slow or closes often, you may want to consider an updated device. Many smartphones and tablets released over the past five years have the technology required to successfully run mobile casino software. Along with purchasing a compatible phone, you need to choose a data package before playing on a mobile casino. Ideally, select an unlimited data package to avoid excessive charges. Instead of charging you for how many minute you use the mobile casino, most phone service providers charge based on data transfer rates.