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DON99 Casino has stopped its operation in Singapore.
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Casino highlights
    • Up to 588 SGD welcome bonus
    • Abundance of rewards, bonuses and benefits
    • Quick and efficient winner’s pay out
    • Accept Singapore Dollar

A premium name for a premium experience, DON99 is the trusted & finest Singapore online casino hub. No exaggeration, if you are seeking for a truly secure and exciting gambling experience, DON99 is the place to be. It is Singapore’s one-stop centre for every gambling needs that you desire. DON99 is highly recognised for its superior gambling services, world-class events, and games, with the site being run by an advanced and unique system that makes for a fast and smooth gameplay. Furthermore, our site is connected to an abundance of trusted gambling game providers whom are ideal for a worry-free gambling experience.

We proudly present to you an extensive selection of games such as slot games, live casino, sports betting, horse racing many more… So, take your time and take a seat by your computer in the comfort of your home, or go mobile with us anywhere, anytime via our DON99 apps. Here is the ideal place for you to have an authentic gambling experience and achieve the life of your dreams.

Sign up and register yourself at DON99 for free. Let the gamble begin!

Bonuses and Promotions

Besides winning cash, there are tonnes of bonuses and promotions that you can earn throughout your time with DON99. Fabulous isn’t it? This is what you need to know before playing…


After the free sign up, place a minimum deposit into your account and you will be entitled to a 100% Welcome Bonus. It’s a more-than-pleasant welcome to appreciate your participation with us. More to that, every member will receive 10% Daily Deposit Bonus and 5% Unlimited Deposit Bonus throughout their gameplay with DON99.

The bonuses don’t end there. There are numerous bonuses and rebates to keep you motivated and fired up in DON99. However, the bonuses varied depending on the status of your membership (VIP or not), we will get to that later… So, on every birthday, you will be getting your birthday bonuses, a blessed and rewarding sum to brighten up your special day. Furthermore, there are plenty of mouth-watering discounts which you will gain throughout your gameplay, such as Live Casino Rebate, Slot Rebate, Sportsbook Rebate and more. Who doesn’t love a good rebate?

Of course, as mentioned earlier, you will get more if you upgrade your membership status to…

VIP Membership

Upgrade to a VIP member of DON99 to maximise your bonuses and benefits. We have 4 VIP membership categories rank from bottom to top; Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Signature, each with their own exclusive benefits with Signature having all of them. Trust us, it is something worth your time, money and effort because by being a VIP member, you will gain access to various exclusive privilege and be entitled for greater bonuses and rebates than a regular member. Furthermore, you can utilise the DON99 referral program to earn more. The program is designed to give you additional rewards to encourage you to share the greatness of becoming DON99 VIP member to your family and friends. Hence, the more you refer, the more you earn.

All these perks increase your bankroll, providing you with monetary comfort so that you will have a long, joyous gambling time with us. Let’s win and earn your dreams with DON99!

Play DON99 Casino and get up to 588 SGD Bonus

Casino Games

DON99, the most trusted and finest hub to your rewarding hobbies. It provides you a stunning selection of games to play to your pockets and hearts content. We provide numerous live casino games, slot games, sports betting, horse racing and more. All the games are driven by an excellent user experience mechanism with a lavish, elegant and modern in-game design that gives an immersive and comfortable online gambling experience. Our system is constantly updated to provide a smooth and glitch-free gameplay. Additionally, the site is easily navigable so, browsing is made easy for members. Here are the breakdown reviews of the games in DON99.

Live Casino

DON99 has revolutionised Singapore’s online live casino experience with an elegantly modern design and advanced features, which is being complemented by top-notch customer assistance, smooth and speedy web connection that provides for an outstanding gameplay experience be it desktop or mobile. Plus, live interaction with the dealers are clear n’ crisp which makes it an authentic brick-and-mortar gambling session in the comfort of your home.

DON99 is affiliated with top-quality and trusted live casino game providers such as Evolution GamingDream Gaming, Oriental Game, Allbet, WM Casino and more. So, you know that you will be playing within the most secure and safest gambling environment. And not to forget, fun as well. Let’s bring the casino to your home now.


Firstly, due to differences of symbols and their values, always familiarise with the paytable before playing so, you know what you are getting at. Slot games, every gambler favourite jackpot machine now goes online at DON99. There are countless slot themes to pick from, so pick your favourite one and start playing. Simple and convenient, you can even play it anywhere with ease via your mobile devices.

The slot games here are incredibly easy to learn and understand. Plus, with their intricate design and excellent graphics that are pleasing to the eyes make a rewarding gameplay with high payout and bonuses. Are you game enough to strike the jackpot? Try it now at DON99!


Sports booking also known as sports betting is where punters place a bet on a sporting match or on their favourite team, and there’s no other place that provides the ideal sports betting experience than DON99. Here, you can select the best sports betting provider to utilise such as United Gaming, M8Bet and CMD368; they are the finest and most trusted sports betting site you can get with a variety of sporting event such as soccer, badminton, hockey, basketball, tennis and even e-sports.

For soccer fans, you can bet in the Barclays Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, and the UEFA Champions League, and feel the thrill of your lifetime supporting your favourite teams during the live streaming of results. Sports betting here is safe, legal and fun, with winning money banked in fast n’ quick along with additional bonuses. Definitely, your best bet!

Horse Racing

Horse racing is still alive and striding fast! DON99 gives you a unique and unparalleled platform to place your horse racing bet. Moreover, we are acquainted with CITIbet, one of the most trustworthy providers for horse racing awesomeness. DON99 also assist you with step-to-step guideline on how to place your horse racing bet. Beginners, do not worry, as DON99 will always provide the help that you need to gamble well.

The webpage is also easily navigable with easy-to-read information and instructions, which is run by a secure and trustworthy system. Payment wise, no worries as winning money is always paid on time, quick and efficient. Only with DON99, you have ample of opportunities to race to your riches.


DON99 website provides a very convenient, quick n’ easy money transferring system. Our advance cashier system is efficient in paying you your winning money. We work with major banks such as UOB, HSBC, DBS, and OCBC Bank for you to perform your money withdrawal and deposit with ease. Rest assured, with such reliable banks on our side, your money is always secured in good hands.


DON99 is one of the most trusted and safest online gambling hub you will ever encounter. Everything of us is legal and authorised by the law and governance of Singapore. This makes us a legitimate and secure platform to fulfil your gambling needs. Furthermore, we adhere strongly to the principles of fair gambling and transparency. Trustworthy and ethical, that’s who we are. So, rest assured, your fortune will come in clean.

Customer Support and Service

DON99 provides the highest quality of customer service and support to all members. Feel free to contact us via our 24/7 live chat, WhatsApp, WeChat, or email. We are friendly and courteous, always open to your enquiries and ready to assist you in no time. This is probably or is the most trusted and finest Singapore online casino hub you can find, period. Come, win your dreams with DON99!

Play DON99 Casino and get up to 588 SGD Bonus
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“Upgrade to a VIP member of DON99 to maximise your bonuses and benefits. We have 4 VIP membership categories rank from bottom to top; Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Signature, each with their own exclusive benefits with Signature having all of them.”

Play DON99 Casino and get up to 588 SGD Bonus