How Mobile Casinos Differ From Online Casinos?

Mobile vs online casinoIn some ways, online and mobile casinos in Singapore are very alike. For casino game play, you must deposit money with the cashier and make wagers on the various games open. When you win, you make a withdrawal request and monies are transferred into your account. Casino games available on both online and mobile platforms include video slots, Texas Hold ‘Em poker, roulette, black jack and bingo. However, you must become accustomed to a few significant differences in order to jump from Singaporean online to mobile casino play without a tremendous amount of difficulty.

Access Options

The ways you are able to access casino games differ between an online casino and a mobile casino. Online casinos require you to log on to your casino account through their website and play games over a secure web connection. Conversely, instead of visiting a web address to get onto a mobile casino, you need to download the application onto your smartphone or tablet. Once the mobile casino application is downloaded, you log on by clicking the icon appearing on your home screen. Instead of all games instantly being available like web based casinos, you often have to download each game first onto your mobile device before playing. Data charges are another consideration between online and mobile casinos. An unlimited data pack is typically ideal since you use large amounts of data during mobile casino game play.

Supported Platforms

Online casinos are traditionally run on computer operating systems and have very different system requirements than mobile casinos. The online casino will advertise the type of operating system accepted by the site. Although most online casinos work on Windows based systems, some might not be compatible on Mac and Linux operating systems. An up to date Flash player is another common requirement for the majority of online casinos. A video card with 16-bit or 32-bit color support is another prerequisite for online casino games.

Before you run the online casino on your computer, the site provider will also list the minimum hard drive space and RAM required. On the other hand, mobile casinos run on mobile platforms such as Android, Mac OS X Mobile, the Blackberry OS and Windows 7 Mobile. The phone will need to have internet access and be able to connect through a wireless access protocol or WAP connection. Your device will also need to be Java enabled to be able to operate correctly. Older phones are not likely to work well with a mobile casino. However, smartphones and tablets that are less than five years old should meet the minimum system requirements. On the other hand, computer models older than five years still may obtain the technology required to run online casino software.

Increased Availability

Unlike an online casino, you can truly play a mobile casino game anywhere at anytime. This can be a huge advantage if you have a household that shares a single computer. Instead of having to haggle over usage with your family members, you can get casino access from your mobile device. Moreover, mobile casinos can be used to pass the time when you need to wait. Play mobile casino games in waiting rooms, during long car rides or sitting on the train. Also, if your work restricts access to online casino websites, you can still play on a mobile casino application during your breaks or lunch hour. Dependent on the type of mobile casino you download, you may even have the option to play in offline mode. This is typically available at free play areas of the casino site.

Game Options

Another significant difference in mobile and online casinos is the way you play during a game. Online casinos typically require the use of a mouse and keyboard to make wagers and choose the moves you want to make during a game. However, many mobile casinos require the use of your keypad or the touchscreen of your phone to dictate game play. Also, due to the limitations of some of the mobile components, the casino games available may be simplified versions of the ones played online. The number of games available can vary between mobile and online casinos. Depending on the size of the mobile application, only the most popular casino games may be downloadable. However, an online casino may have a much larger library of games to choose from.

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Community Play

Online casinos often have a much more community feel than mobile casinos. You can make arrangements to meet up with friends in different rooms of the casino and compete against one another. Online casinos will also usually have a chat option enabled to allow players to communicate with other participants. Live participation among other players from Singapore may be limited on mobile applications. Chat may not be available and most of the games will be single player contests. On certain mobile applications, there may be the opportunity to play against live players during poker competitions.

Casino Tournaments

For online casinos, their numerous tournaments draw in large numbers of Singaporean players who wish to take home huge jackpots. Weekly and monthly Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments on online casinos may pit thousands of players against one another with jackpots that range anywhere from thousands of dollars to millions. Daily tournaments may be held with smaller prizes for winners in Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha poker games. Mobile casino tournaments are not commonplace. However, slots and roulette tournaments are starting to pop up on mobile casino applications. All entrants are asked to play games during a specific time period and pay a set fee to win the top prizes. The highest ranking players split the prize pool.

Mobile and online casinos both have their advantages and disadvantages. Your decision on the type of casino you utilize should be based on ease of use and availability. Choose secure and reputable casinos for your gaming needs. Read reviews of each casino and check the type of security used on the site to ensure you’re entrusting your money with a safe entity that follows fair gaming practices.